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transforming imaginative concepts into meaningful realities.

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Our Work Process

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Pixel Stars Carl Sagan Tribute

Our Story

We are Dreamers, Creators, Thinkers, and Makers dedicated to combining creativity with technology to transform imaginative concepts into meaningful realities. Our passion speaks through our work.

Our Aspirations

We believe in the power of motion to tell a story, to share an idea, to provide entertainment, and to connect the world. We aspire to create beauty in motion everyday.

Meet Our Team

Ting L. Founder Portrait

Ting L.

Pixel Founder & Creative Director

Phillip B. Pixel Designer Portrait

Phillip B.

Pixel Art Director

Grey M. Portrait

Grey M.

Pixel Animator & Developer

Jocelyn V. Portrait

Jocelyn V.

Pixel Manager

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    Charlotte, NC 28202

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"We are made of starstuff" - Carl Sagan